Connecting Through Stewardship

"Service is the act of helping, caring, and being passionately involved in making a difference in someone's life."

Lindsey Coffman, Baylor Buddy


It's amazing what happens wen Baylor student work together for the common good. In the case of Baylor's inaugural Relay for Life, 2 + 2 equaled well more than 4. It equaled $105,200.20, in fact-more than triple their $25,000 fundraising goal set for the American Cancer Society.

Zeta Tau Alpha, BU M.E.D.S., Alpha Phi Omega, and a 34-member student committee, and Baylor faculty and staff advisors pooled their talents to organize Baylor's Relay for Life benefitting cancer research and patient services. Together, in consultation with the Department of Student Activities, they handled the massive logistics of the race, recruiting 34 sponsors, registering 58 teams representing numerous student organizations, challenging 787 participants to raise $100 each, educating and motivating volunteers for a smooth programs, and rallying the university community behind this worthy cause.

With this many people coming together for a single goal, the impact well exceeded what the individual parts could begin to imagine. Relay for Life became an act of stewardship for the students involved, raising money and teaching the value of compassionate service for others.