Connecting Through Leadership

"Sing does more to teach students to work together on a voluntary effort; it is worth a semester of school here and I would rather have a student learn how to operate Sing than make five A's over in the history department."

Abner McCall

President of Baylor University 1961-1981



Since 1953 students have participated in Baylor's All-University Sing. The students who participate in it not only love it, but they are changed by it. They learn responsibility, organization, and time management. They practice negotiation, cooperation, and communicating a shared vision. They gain self-confidence. They dance. They sing. They have fun. They appreciate the process of Sing more than anything else.

Sing develops friendships that last, which in turn, gives staying power to the tradition and heritage of All-University Sing, one of Baylor's most cherished annual events. Every year, older students show younger ones the way, passing the baton from year to year. These relationships are at the heart of the Baylor mission, and they will sustain Sing for many years to come.

Every year approximately 80 students lead 20 groups in the competition. Planning begins almost an entire year before the show, which takes place every February. Students begin with a single idea; they add music, costumes, props, and choreography; and then they compete, a process that will transform and enhance their leadership ability and ultimately prove rewarding, win or lose.

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