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Stage Reservations

Name of Organization:
Contact Person:
E-mail: Cell Phone:
Name of Event:
Location of Event:
Stage Set Up
Stage Take Down

Stage Size/Dimensions

Select number of stage pieces and arrangement. (each piece is 6ft x 8ft - Not ever option is listed below, just the most common)
1 Piece: 6x8 2 Pieces: 6x16 8x12
3 Pieces: 8x18 6x24 4 Pieces: 12x16 8x24
6 Pieces: 16x18 12x24 8 Pieces: 12x32 16x24
10 Pieces: 12x40 16x30 16 Pieces: 24x32 16x48

Will your event be held outside? Yes No
(tarps and tie downs will be delivered if your event is outside, and we ask that you please cover the stage if inclement weather is possible)
Has your event been approved by Student Activities? Yes No
Stage Set-up: (Please be as specific as possible on where and how you want the stage set up)
If you have a sketch of the layout, upload it here: (Document Types)


It is my understanding that my organization will be responsible for the Welcome Week stage during our event. I also understand that if there is damage (including damage caused by inappropriate use/water/rain/elements) to the stage, my organization may be assessed a charge for replacement, repair, or water extraction. My organization agrees to have a representative at the stage the entire time the stage is set up. The stage rental will be cancelled in the event of rain if the event is outside.

I have read and understand this agreement