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Green Sound System (no charge)
Gold Sound System Requires (no charge)
Large Sound System (TBD by Waco Hall)


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* Use of stage lighting requires a $25.00 set up/take down fee.

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* Equipment may not be picked up before 3pm
** Equipment must be returned no later than 10am

NOTE: All reservations must be submitted no less than one week prior to your program.

Sound System Information:

Green Sound System - Includes two speakers with built in cd player, two speaker stands, and mic pack (microphone with mic bag, mic cable, power cable, one heavy duty extension cord, surge protector, and speaker to speaker cable). This system is suitable for smaller events (150-300 approx. attendance) where music is needed, lectures, announcements, etc.

Gold Sound System - Includes one speaker with built in cd player, one wireless mic. one heavy duty extension cord, and surge protector. This system is ideal for events which require background music and the occasional announcement. It can also be used for facilitating outdoor activities and games.

Large Sound System - Includes two speakers, two speaker stands, small sound board, and mic pack (4 microphones with mic bags, 6 mic cables, 3 power cables, 2 heavy duty extension cords, surge protector, and ipod adapter) This system is ideal for medium size events which might include a band; also for dances and outdoor events. * This system requires the use of a CPC sound/audio technician.