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Reserve a sound system and stage for your upcoming program!

Sound Systems
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The Campus Program Center is your resource for a variety of stage, sound, and lighting needs. Student groups may also check out a variety of equipment suitable for student group meetings, presentations, and conferences.


The Department of Student Activities provides a performance stage available, free of charge, to student organizations and departments. The stage comes in 16 pieces and can be configured in a variety of sizes.

For information email Jordy Dickey, Assistant Director of Student Union or fill out the online request form.


The Campus Program Center provides three sound systems of varying size and capabilities to meet a variety of needs.

Gold System
Ideal for small indoor and outdoor programs where music is needed, announcements, or guest speaker. The system is contained in a single unit that transports like a suitcase. It also contains one wireless or corded microphone. No charge
Green System
Ideal for programs with 100 - 250 individuals in attendance. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor programs where music from an iPod is needed, announcements, guest speakers, etc. It comes with 2 individual speakers, a built in cd player, and two speaker stands. The system also contains a wireless microphone. No charge
Large System
Ideal for outdoor or indoor concerts with 250 - 700 individuals in attendance.This system can be expanded, and should be used if a band is performing. This system can be customized to meet your event's needs. Lighting is included with the rental of the large system. Please reserve through Waco Hall, by clicking HERE! Average $200-$400. Final cost TBD by Waco Hall


The following items are available for check-out, free of charge, to student organizations:

  • Extension cords
  • Metal drink troughs
  • 10 x 10 Pop-up tents

For information about checking out program supplies, please email Jordy Dickey, Assistant Director of Student Union