Hazing Cases

Section 51.936 (c) of the Texas Education Code requires Baylor University to publish and distribute during the first three weeks of each semester a summary of the Texas Hazing Law, subchapter F, Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code, and a list of organizations that have been disciplined for hazing or convicted of hazing on or off the campus of the institution during the preceding three years. In compliance with this law, Baylor provides the following information:

Baylor's Statement on Hazing is a summary of the Texas Hazing Law. Copies of the entire hazing law enacted by the Texas legislature are available from the Judicial Affairs office or the hazing bill may be viewed in its entirety at the "Texas Legislature Online" website at: http://www.legis.state.tx.us/. Information about hazing may be found in the Texas Education Code, Chapter 37, sections 37.151 through 37.157 and Chapter 51, section 51.936.


For information regarding hazing as defined as misconduct by Baylor University, please see the "Baylor University Student Conduct Code," section III, "Misconduct Defined."



Hazing Cases Report (Preceding three years)


Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, spring 2018

Kappa Omega Tau Fraternity, spring 2018

Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, fall 2018



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