Student Publications

Facilities associated with all publications are owned by Baylor University. As owner and publisher, the University determines the purposes and policies of these publications by actions of the Board of Regents and the University general administrative officers, particularly the president of the University.

The Communications Media Committee usually meets when necessary to consider publication proposals. Anyone wishing to propose a new publication should secure from the chair of the Communications Media Committee information regarding the data needed in any proposal and the deadlines for submitting proposals.

Guidelines for student-printed materials are provided so that students, in preparing material for distribution and publication, may plan the contents of those materials to be consistent with the basic aims and endeavors of Baylor University. Students or student organizations preparing newspapers, magazines, newsletters, handbills, mailout information, and any other type of written or printed material for public distribution should be aware of and must conform to the following guidelines which also apply to all statements, pictures, and illustrations in such material.


First and foremost: Baylor University is a Christian institution committed to academic excellence in an atmosphere of freedom. Any issue may be responsibly discussed so long as no student publication denigrates or defames the basic principles of the Christian faith or the Baptist traditions.

Second: Statements may responsibly discuss University policies, stating both supporting and contrary views, provided that criticism shall not maliciously attack any individual nor attempt to incite defiance of or disobedience to any University policy or regulation. Attention may be called to proper procedures established by the University (or the absence thereof) for suggesting policy changes.

Third: Statements shall not be directed toward inciting disobedience or defiance of federal, state, or local laws or the promotion of civil disorder.

Fourth: Statements shall not be profane, indecent, or pornographic.

Fifth: The intellectual and/or aesthetic content of University student publications shall be consistent with the standards that one would expect in a serious intellectual or academic environment.

Sixth: No statements shall advertise the sale or use of alcohol or unlawful drugs.

Seventh: The publication or distribution of material about or containing language, pictures, or subject matter prohibited in the regulation concerning campus speakers will be grounds for University disciplinary action.


The Baylor Lariat is owned and published by Baylor University as a service to the Baylor community and as a laboratory newspaper for aspiring journalists. The newspaper is overseen by the director of student publications and the assistant media adviser who are staff members of the university. The Lariat is also overseen by the Student Publications Board. The newspaper appears Tuesday through Friday during the long terms and is distributed free on campus. The editor and staff are selected through an application and interview process each spring.

The Baylor Law Review is a legal periodical published quarterly by the students of the School of Law under the supervision of the law school faculty. It is prepared and edited by The Baylor Law Review editorial staff which is selected by the faculty on the basis of scholarship and demonstrated ability in legal writing.

The magazine Focus is owned and published by Baylor University. The general interest magazine is overseen by the Student Publications department. Focus appears once a semester during the long terms. The editor is selected through an application and interview process in the spring.

This is the University yearbook or annual record of the year and is distributed each fall at a minimal cost. The editor and staff are chosen through an application and interview process each spring. The yearbook is overseen by the director of student publications and the assistant media adviser who are staff members of the university.

The The Baylor Lariat, Focus, and Round Up are prepared primarily by students under the guidance of the director of student publications and the assistant media adviser.

Other Baylor publications in which students may be interested are the Baylor University Faculty/Student Directory, a yearly listing of students, faculty, and administration at Baylor; the Baylor Geological Studies Bulletin, an annual publication of the Department of Geology; Journal of Church and State, a quarterly publication of the J.M. Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies at Baylor; the Baylor Business Review, a three-times yearly publication of the Hankamer School of Business; The Baylor Line, the official publication of the Baylor Alumni Association, published quarterly; Baylor Educator, a professional journal for research and articles relating to education, edited and published semi-annually by the School of Education; The Pedagogue, a semi-annual newsletter concerning activities of the School of Education, distributed to alumni and friends of the School of Education; Phoenix, a student literary magazine published annually by the Department of English; The Pulse, a semi-annual undergraduate scholarly publication edited and managed by Honors College students; The BaylorNews, a monthly publication of the Office of Public Relations; Docket Call, a three-times a year publication of the Baylor law school; Strecker Museum News, a three-times a year publication of the Strecker Museum; and other scholarly journals.

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