VI. Purpose and Procedures for the Student Conduct Code

The purpose of the student conduct code is to determine if a student has engaged in misconduct, and, in those cases in which it is determined that the student has engaged in misconduct, to impose appropriate sanctions. Baylor University employs the following procedures in fulfilling this purpose.

A. Preliminary Procedures
B. Procedures Applicable to an Administrative Hearing
C. Procedures Applicable to Student Conduct Board Hearing
D. Appeal of Decision
E. Appeal of Sanctions

F. Procedures for Imposition of Sanctions Prior to a Hearing

1. Situations in Which a Person May Be Sanctioned Prior to an Opportunity for a Hearing
The University may, subject to a subsequent request for an administrative or Student Conduct Board hearing or a presidential hearing, impose interim sanctions against a student, including, but not limited to, the sanction of expulsion, if
a. The associate dean for student conduct administration receives confirmation from law enforcement officers that the student has been arrested for a criminal offense constituting a felony or a Class A misdemeanor; including, but not limited to unlawful use, possession, purchase, distribution, sale, or manufacture of a controlled substance, designer drug, or drug paraphernalia, and after consultation with the vice president for student life, or his or her designee, a joint decision is made that an interim sanction should be imposed, or

b. In the sole opinion of the vice president for student life, the student's continued presence on the campus might

(i) create a danger of physical or mental harm to the student or another person; or

(ii) disrupt the educational process of the University.

2. Notice
The associate dean for student conduct administration, or his or her designee, shall prepare and send to the accused student a written notice of the interim sanction and the basis for the interim sanction. This notice shall be combined with the notice of the charge required by paragraph 2, Section A of Article VI.

3. Preliminary Conduct Hearing
The preliminary conduct hearing will be held in accordance with Section A of Article VI.

4. Appeal of Interim Sanctions
When interim sanctions have been imposed against a student pursuant to this section, the appeal process is governed by Article VI, Section E of this Student Conduct Code.

G. Presidential Hearing

Modified: 6-11-12