Right to Withhold Transcripts and/or Block Registration

Baylor University may withhold the issuance of a transcript record and/or block the registration of any current or prior student if the student has certain outstanding obligations to the University. The student obligations may be financial or non-financial. Financial obligations include: Parking Services traffic fines, Health Center charges, student loan accounts, tuition and fees, long distance telephone accounts, or any other financial obligation owed by the student to the University. Non-financial obligations include the University requirements of a student imposed by published written policy or other written requirements including, but not limited to, incomplete processing under the Student Conduct Code or Honor Code Procedures. Release of the transcript and/or a registration block will be authorized only after a financial obligation to the University is paid in full or satisfactory arrangements are made to comply with other obligations.

Modified 8-20-04; 12-15-2009; 8-16-2019