Baylor University does not provide insurance coverage for individual students. Therefore, students should obtain through agents of their choice medical insurance and personal property insurance. Personal property insurance should be a priority if the student maintains high-value personal property in his or her room in the residence halls.

Students who participate in recreation sports through the Division of Student Life are responsible for their own medical expenses and insurance.

All international students and accompanying dependents at Baylor University are required to have unlimited coverage as required by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in medical insurance coverage. Please contact Betty Fornelius at 254.710.1493 to enroll your dependents. Enrollment in the mandatory Baylor University Health Insurance Plan is automatic at the time of registration (for the student), and the cost of the policy will appear on the tuition and fee bill as "Required Insurance." The fall student insurance premium will appear on the fall semester bill; the student premium for spring and summer will appear on the spring semester bill. Accompanying family members will be billed in accordance with posted dependent rates at these times.

To see the complete schedule of all insurance fees for the current academic year, please visit the following Web site: