Student Dress and Appearance

The purpose of the University is to conduct an education program, and the University considers this program an activity second to none in its importance and believes it should be so regarded by the students. Thus, a mature attitude should be demonstrated by the dress and appearance of students while attending classes or engaging in the other academic pursuits about the campus. Students are expected to maintain the same standards of dress and personal grooming about the campus which would ordinarily be maintained by those engaged in other serious pursuits. It is recognized that specific policies or rules of dress and grooming to maintain such standards are difficult to draft and to enforce. For this reason, considerable discretion must be vested in the vice president of student life and his or her associates to maintain these standards. Obvious violation of these standards, such as failure to cover the torso adequately or to wear shoes to class, in cafeterias, in university offices, and at other appropriate places and times, may subject a student to disciplinary action. It is hoped that the reasonable suggestions of the vice president of student life and his or her associates as to dress and other aspects of personal appearance and grooming will be accepted by students, but refusal to comply with such specific reasonable requests will be grounds for University disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code.

Students are expected to wear proper dress, both on and off campus. It is inappropriate for students to go to breakfast, or any other meal, in sleepwear, whether as prank or by demand of a student.

No student may modify his or her manner of behavior or appearance in order to prevent recognition unless the student has received the express permission of the University to do so. Any student found guilty of violating this policy may be subject to University disciplinary action.