Student Conduct Code

Applicable for cases initiated prior to October 1, 2018

Table of Contents

I. General

A. General Information
B. General Expectations of Baylor Students
C. Standard of Proof Used in Administrative, Student Conduct Board, and Presidential Hearings
D. Record of the Administrative, Student Conduct Board, or Presidential Hearing
E. Proceedings of Hearings Confidential
F. Disclosure of Final Determination to the Complainant (sex offenses only)
II. Scope of the Baylor University Student Conduct Code

III. Misconduct Defined

IV. Sanctions for Misconduct

A. Warning
B. Reprimand
C. Probation
D. Restitution
E. Eviction
F. Suspension
G. Expulsion
V. Authority and Responsibility for Student Conduct Code
A. Vice President for Student Life
B. Associate Vice President for Student Life
C. Associate Dean for Student Conduct Administration
D. Student Conduct Board
VI. Purpose and Procedures for the Student Conduct Code
A. Preliminary Procedures
1. Report of Charge
2. Notice of Charge
3. Preliminary Conduct Hearing
4. Procedures Applicable to Admitted Charge
5. Procedures Applicable to Denied Charge
6. Waiver of Hearing
B. Procedures Applicable to an Administrative Hearing
1. Hearing Date
2. Who May Attend
3. The Hearing
4. Evidence
5. Questioning
6. Failure to Appear
7. Decision of the Student Conduct Officer
8. Summary Report
9. Report of Decision
10. Imposition of Sanctions
11. Referral to the Student Conduct Board
C. Procedures Applicable to a Student Conduct Board Hearing
1. Disqualification
2. Quorum
3. Conduct Board Rules
4. Hearing Date
5. Who May Attend
6. The Hearing
7. Evidence
8. Questioning
9. Failure to Appear
10. Decisions of the Student Conduct Board
11. Summary Report
12. Report of Decision
13. Imposition of Sanctions
D. Appeal of Decision

E. Appeal of Sanctions

F. Procedures for Imposition of Interim Sanctions Prior to a Hearing

1. Situations in Which a Person May Be Sanctioned Prior to an Opportunity for a Hearing
2. Notice of Charge
3. Preliminary Conduct Hearing
4. Waiver of Hearing
5. Appeal of Interim Sanctions
G. Presidential Hearing

Modified: 6-11-12