Campus Speakers

Speakers invited to the campus by any person or group of persons should be selected on the basis of their contribution to the overall educational program of the University. Baylor has no obligation to provide a forum on its campus for everyone with a speech to make. Baylor University encourages students to play an active role in the political process related to local, state and federal governments. However, candidates for public office may only be invited to speak on or in University property or facilities provided that the University makes available equal facilities to all other candidates for public office. Any student or student organizations inviting a candidate for public office to speak on campus must coordinate with the Office of Governmental Relations.


Speakers who advocate violent rebellion and illegal resistance to the laws of the state and nation or the rules of the University should not be invited. Speakers whose purposes and methods are basically contrary to the purposes and methods of a Christian university such as Baylor should not be invited. The use of profanity shall not be tolerated.


It is recognized that there will be no question as to the acceptability of most of the hundreds of speakers who come to the University campus each year, but in questionable cases those planning to invite a speaker will consult with the President of the University, who shall be the final judge of such matters. The responsibility for proper clearance shall be upon the inviting student or students and disregard of such responsibility will be grounds for university disciplinary action. Only the President or his or her designee is authorized to sign university contracts.

For additional guidelines regarding Speakers for On-Campus Events with a student organization, please see the following link:

Speakers for On-Campus Events Guidelines


Modified 8-13-03; 8-18-09