Classroom Conduct

The professor in the classroom and in conference is expected to encourage free discussion, inquiry, and expression, with student performance evaluated solely on academic standards. Opinions or conduct of students in matters unrelated to academic standards should not influence the determination of grades. Students have the responsibility to fulfill standards set by the University community for courses and degree programs. Members of the University community are expected to protect freedom of expression and are prohibited from improper academic evaluation and improper disclosure of student views, beliefs, and political associations and from violating any of the restrictions listed in the University nondiscriminatory policy.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner that does not distract from or disrupt the educational pursuits of others. Should a professor determine that a student's conduct is being distracting or disruptive, the professor may impose the student's immediate removal from the classroom until the student can conduct himself or herself in an appropriate manner. If the professor is unable to obtain the cooperation of the student, the student may be referred for disciplinary action.

Modified 8-15-08