Purpose of Baylor University

Baylor University was chartered in 1845 by the republic of Texas and is Texas' oldest institution of higher education. It is governed by a predominantly Baptist Board of Regents and is operated within the Christian-oriented aims and ideals of Baptists. It is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, a cooperative association of autonomous Texas Baptist churches. Its mission is to be an institution of higher learning where education may be gained under Christian influences and ideals.

Baylor University assumes responsibilities traditionally associated with institutions of higher education: dissemination of knowledge, transmission of culture, search for new knowledge, and application of knowledge. The university strives to stimulate students to think clearly and creatively; to develop in students spiritual sensitivity and a sense of Christian commitment to moral discrimination and action; to develop in students a sense of civic virtue and responsibility; to foster in students an appreciation of the role of the arts, sciences, and humanities in the development of culture; and to prepare students to use their knowledge in productive careers.

As a Baptist institution, Baylor University is founded on the preeminence of Jesus Christ and the belief that God the creator and sustainer of the universe has purposely revealed Himself to humanity and, through a process of divine inspiration, caused the Holy Scriptures to be written.

Baylor University is concerned with the spiritual, moral, and intellectual development of those who come within its sphere of influence. It is committed to a caring relationship among its students, faculties, administrators, and regents-a caring that is characterized by understanding, forgiveness, and respect for individuality. This university is proud of its Christian heritage, and it strives to be an institution stimulated both by the power of God and by the search for truth as it plays out its unique role in the educational community.

The mission of Baylor University is pursued within the framework of a program which emphasizes the liberal arts component of a high quality undergraduate education, but which also includes significant graduate and professional programs. In addition to the College of Arts and Sciences, Baylor University is comprised of the schools of business, education, engineering and computer science, social work, law, music, and nursing, the George W. Truett Theological Seminary, and allied graduate programs at the U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences in San Antonio. In all of these programs, Baylor University expresses its commitment to Christ by encouraging its students to become informed, responsible, creative, and articulate citizens. Baylor University strives to produce individuals who use their freedom to enrich their own lives and to contribute to the well-being of society.