Strategic Plan


Student Life seeks to enrich the Baylor experience through life‐changing programs and services resulting in an integrated education known for leadership, service, Christian faith, and the total development of student.


Student Life will be a transformative presence in all our students’ lives, equipping them to make a positive impact on society.


Values are the foundational principles and qualities upon which our division lives out its mission and vision. Central to these values is our commitment to our Christian faith and the belief that our work is enriched by the fulfillment of God’s call in our lives. It is within this context, and as displayed by our attention to individual student needs as well as our love and commitment to the broader student body, we value:

  • Inclusive Community-evidenced by diversity, uniqueness, understanding, and unity as a staff
  • Transformational Learning-discovered through an integration of mind, body, and spirit
  • Leadership Development-cultivated through education, experience, reflection, and a call to impact human flourishing
  • Professional Excellence-guided by best practices, current research, purposeful assessment, dynamic partnerships, and wise stewardship
  • Healthy Lives-modeled by a vigorous life and work balance and ongoing sense of fulfillment
Strategic Goals

Guided by this mission, the University’s strategic vision, the wisdom of our professional discipline, and most of all, our common Christian faith, Student Life cultivates an environment that nurtures calling, wholeness, community, and citizenship.

To this end, in the Division of Student Life:

  • We help students discover calling
  • We develop the whole student
  • We build community
  • We cultivate global citizenship

Outcomes help to focus our efforts in measuring and understanding the progress we are making in achieving our strategic goals. As a result of Division of Student Life programs, services, advocacy efforts and interactions, students will:

  • Develop their God‐given gifts to meet the world’s needs
  • Practice behaviors that promote a healthy integrated life
  • Form meaningful relationships grounded in Christian hospitality
  • Address the needs of the world through ethical leadership and compassionate service
Acts of Determination

Acts of determination are prioritized division‐wide initiatives that will help Student Life achieve its goals. As we seek to cultivate global citizenship, build community on campus, help students understand calling and develop the whole student, the division will focus on the following Acts of Determination for the next two to three years:

To instill Baylor graduates with the ability to lead and serve we will develop and implement a comprehensive multi‐year leadership framework. A well thought out and wide‐reaching model of leadership and service will be the foundation upon which divisional programs, services, and experiences are planned, resourced, implemented, and assessed. Integrating the foundational principles of the Christian faith with the ability to navigate within a complex global society will result in leadership pathways that shepherd students to graduation and beyond.

To cultivate student understanding of the rich diversity God has created we will integrate crosscultural competency education through division programs, staff development, and community partnerships. By enhancing the ability of our students and staff to talk and work across differences, we will develop Christian leaders who will advocate for and support human flourishing on campus
and beyond.

To equip students to thrive we will foster educational initiatives that help students develop a stronger sense of health, equanimity, and wellness. Guiding students as they mature in
stewardship of themselves and care for community will require an intentional approach to teaching, supporting, and modeling healthy lifestyle choices, resiliency skills, and meaningful spiritual practices.

To create vibrant learning and faith formative environments we will develop physical, virtual, and relational spaces across campus and in the community that create synergy and renewal. Much work has been done, yet much is still needed, to create dynamic settings for students to engage in experiential learning, contemplation, recreation, and social interaction. Partnering with others will be essential in order to construct new and to repurpose existing spaces.

Student Life will be a transformative presence in all our students’ lives, equipping them to make a positive impact on society.