When should I go to the Ombuds' Office?

  • When you feel you have been treated unfairly
  • When you have a situation requiring negotiation or help in facilitating communication
  • When you are unsure which policies, procedures, or regulations apply in your situation
  • When you feel a policy, procedure, or regulation has been applied unfairly or erroneously
  • When you have a complaint about an office, a service, or a decision at Baylor
  • When you want to discuss a sensitive question or issue
  • When you are unsure of where to go or what options exist to solve a problem

How can the Ombuds' Office help me?

  • By carefully listening and helping to analyze the situation
  • By researching and explaining relevant University policies, procedures, and problem-solving channels
  • By helping you to identify and evaluate options
  • By mediating disputes
  • By initiating non-adversarial, problem-solving discussions with other involved parties (only with your permission)
  • By making referrals to other campus and community resources
  • By striving to help students receive fair and equitable treatment within the University system

Can the Ombuds' Office give me legal advice?

  • No. The Ombuds' Office will advise you of your rights within the University but does not provide legal advice.

Are there disputes the Ombuds' Office does not address?

  • The Ombuds' Office does not address disputes between members of the campus community and private individuals, companies, or organizations not affiliated with Baylor University. Additionally, the Ombuds' Office does not handle formal grievances or legal issues of any kind. (You may use the Ombuds' Office either before or after using a formal grievance procedure.)

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