Multi-Year Leadership

To instill Baylor graduates with the ability to lead and serve we will develop and implement a comprehensive multi‐year leadership framework. A well thought out and wide-reaching model of leadership and service will be the foundation upon which divisional programs, services, and experiences are planned, resourced, implemented, and assessed. Integrating the foundational principles of the Christian faith with the ability to navigate within a complex global society will result in leadership pathways that shepherd students to graduation and beyond.

We invite your comments about the recommendations from the Multi-Year Leadership:

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Multi-Year Leadership

1. Identify a shared definition of leadership

2. Affirm the connection of student leadership outcomes to divisional outcomes

3. Develop a divisional model for leadership to serve as the foundation for department leadership models

4. Explore an expanded role for strengths in the division

5.Develop a co-curricular advising model

6. Develop a co-curricular record

7. Help students understand the student leadership roles available in Student Life

8. Consider a leadership certificate program based on total development of students