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N E W   D E A D L I N E   T O   A P P L Y:   5  P M   F E B R U A R Y   10


BIPI is seeking qualified undergraduate applications for summer internships with established non-profit organizations and civic groups.  Students are chosen for their commitment to create systematic social change and for their ability to demonstrate a strong connection between the placement and their discipline of study.


A P P L Y :


Submit the following documents to


·  Current resume


·  Unofficial transcript (including Fall 2011 grades)


·  Letter of recommendation(s)


·  Brief personal statement


·  Personal statement should demonstrate strong connection between discipline of study and preferred placement applicant is applying for




F U N D I N G:


Interns will receive a stipend according to the geographical location of their placement.





The Baylor Interdisciplinary Poverty Initiative's 8-10 week summer fellowships are available to Baylor undergraduates who propose substantive projects designed to address social concerns locally, nationally, and globally. Students are chosen for their commitment to create systemic social change and typically work with established non-profit organizations or civic groups.


O B J E C T I V E S :


·  To promote faculty-directed scholastic projects connected to students' academic discipline


·  To enable student leaders to develop and execute outcome-based projects responsive to identified critical needs in a community or related to a specific social issue


·  To facilitate undergraduate research and promote opportunities to present and publish work in local and national forums


·  To provide a forum for students to academically reflect on the nature and quality of their work with other student and community partners


·  To develop sustainable (multi-year) relationships with existing non-profits and civic leaders to address such needs


C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S :


The experience must foremost promote activism and scholarship; the student's scholastic goals and objectives must be met in conjunction with the organization's goals and objectives.


General characteristics for a strong project proposal include:


·   High value for the target audience


·   Outline of realistic goals attainable within the time frame of the project


·   Defined action plans for any work that must occur before or after the summer experience


·   Proven understanding of the goals of the host organization and how the project relates to the host organization's mission and goals


·   Clear explanation of process to develop project


A P P L Y :


Submit complete project proposal along with the following documents to


•   Current resume


•   Unofficial transcript (including Fall 2011 grades)


•   Brief personal statement


•   Letter of recommendation


S E L E C T I O N :


We strongly encourage students to discuss ideas for projects with BIPI staff before the application deadline. Developing a suitable project takes time, and regular consultation with professors, advisers and community partners/non-profits is advised. Fellowships are intended for individuals whose application, reference(s), and interview demonstrate:


•   Need for the project and potential impact on the community (short- and long-term)


•   Feasibility and viability of the project


•   Quality of direct interaction and collaboration with the community partner and community being served


•   Innovation in the project design


•   Relationship of the project to the applicant's background and future plans


•   Ability, initiative, motivation and demonstrated commitment of the applicant


•   Flexibility and willingness to adjust project plans in accordance with community needs


Additional considerations for applicants proposing international projects:


•   The applicant's ability to speak the native language


•   Prior experience in the country or local community


•   Adequate in-country community connections (international projects require a local community partner, U.S. representatives or affiliates are not acceptable substitutes)


•   Safety: the safety of travel to any international destination is reviewed up until time of departure. BIPI's program must adhere   to Baylor's International Travel Policy. U.S. Department of State travel advisories can be obtained online.  Additional considerations for applicants proposing research-oriented projects:


•   Proposals should respond to an organization's informational needs and identify significant policy and/or practice issues for investigation


•   Projects should be designed to have a specific and timely impact on current policy and/or practice


Selection committee:


•   BIPI faculty chair


•   Two BIPI faculty advisory members


•   BIPI coordinator


•   BIPI project manager


F U N D I N G :


Fellows will receive a $3,000-$5,000 stipend depending on the geographical location of their project. Work-study funding may be different; please denote in project proposal if you qualify for Baylor financial aid. Interns and fellows are generally placed on the payroll of the host organization, but this may vary according to location.



Program Timeline for Shepherd Interns

(BIPI Interns recommended to follow internship timeline)


January 27: Student application deadline

Late January, early February: Interviews

Late February, early March: Candidates chosen by faculty panel, student and agency notified of match

March 18 - March 25: Students and agency representative schedule a phone interview

March 26: Notify placement coordinator if a match is not successful

April - May: Orientation seminars; Risk Management and memorandum of understanding paperwork completed

June 11: First day of internship

August 3: Final day of internship



For more information contact Mary Katherine Leslie-Van Hook:; Ext 3014

2011 Profiles & Placements:

African Wildlife Foundation - Washington, DC
Baylor University Community Garden - Waco, TX (2 placements)
Boys, Girls, Adults Community Development Center - Marvell, AR
Constitutional Rights Foundation - Los Angeles, CA
Immigration Resettlement Services - Richmond, VARaven + Lily - Austin, TX (2 placements)

Summer Intern & Fellow Blog:

Meet the 2011 Interns:

  1. Jake Abell, African Wildlife Foundation
  2. Paul Baumgardner, Constitutional Rights Foundation
  3. Rachel Canclini, Immigration Resettlement Services
  4. Tania Sullivan, Baylor University Community Garden
  5. Marissa Moschetta, Boys, Girls, Adults: Community Development Center
  6. Nathan Robins, USDA Interfaith Initiative
  7. Lindsey Warner, Raven + Lily
  8. Dalychia Saah, Raven + LIly