Baylor student body welcomes Judge Kenneth Starr to the Baylor family

Feb. 17, 2010

WACO, TX- Student Government is pleased to welcome Judge Kenneth Starr as the fourteenth president of Baylor University.

Judge Starr brings a history of public service and higher academic standards to his new role. Student Government is looking forward to building a strong partnership with him. We plan to first and foremost address the urgent issues facing the student body. We aspire to build a closer relationship with the Baylor family under Judge Starr's leadership.

In the twenty months that Interim President Garland has served Baylor we have worked to bring student issues to the forefront of the administration's attention. We thank Interim President Garland for his service, his support, and open dialogue with Student Government during this period. He set the bar high for future presidents.

Student Government also thanks Chelsea Saylors for her service as the student representative on the Search committee advisory board. Her tireless work, especially in securing the listening sessions last spring, is greatly appreciated by the student body. Following in the footsteps of the presidential search process we hope that students can continue to contribute to important decisions. Saylors is proof that students take the issues affecting our university very seriously and understand the value of a Christian education.

Chelsea Saylors said, "Baylor students have a vision for and investment in the future of the university, and it was my privilege to communicate those views to the Search committee. As we continue to work together to make Baylor the best it can be, I more than hopeful for the future. I am overwhelmingly pleased by the selection of Judge Kenneth Starr as Baylor's next president."

Jordan Hannah, Student Body President, said, "We look forward to partnering with Judge Starr and the university administration to continue to build a better Baylor. Student Government is committed to working with Judge Starr to further the interests of the student body."

Michael Wright, Student Body Internal Vice President said, "Today Judge Starr invited the student body officers to meet with him. We were able to inform him about the state of the student body; this conversation covered numerous topics but focused primarily on the relationship between student government and the president. We are looking forward to having Judge Starr to Student Senate in the future."