Student Government response to search announcement

March 5, 2009

"Since the unanimous passing of our resolution in October, Student Government has continued to express its desire to see an inclusive presidential search committee with voting rights for constituent representatives. We believe full representation is characterized by voting rights, and the Board's announcement today falls short of fulfilling the requests of Baylor's major constituencies."

"We are disappointed with both our selection to an advisory role and the level of student representation on the advisory committee. The Board has signaled--through its selections--which constituencies it considers priority, and the committee's composition appears to suggest that students are not at the top of that list. Students have proven both the ability and desire to contribute input in the presidential search and were handed a significantly diminished role."

"Communication between the Board and Student Government was minimal in the lead-up to this decision. Throughout this process, we were fully cooperative, hoping that we might be met with the same level of cooperation and consideration. That was not the case."

"The Board was provided with the opportunity to select both an undergraduate and a graduate student, which has become the norm at top-tier universities. With the selection of two students (undergraduate and graduate) the concerns of both student constituencies would be more fully represented."

"As the representative organization for Baylor's student body, we simply want what's best for Baylor. And, what's best for Baylor is what's best for students. Today's announcement is not in the best interest of both Baylor and its students."

Bryan Fonville, Student Body President