Student Government launches new logo and Web site

Sept. 18, 2008

By Kate Williams, Lariat Reporter

On September 17, Student Body President and Garland senior Bryan Fonville announced a new logo, Web site and other changes being made within student government's communication department.

"Part of the reason for change can be attributed to changes throughout the university," said Fonville. "In this kind of context of time student government has the opportunity to change."

SG Vertical LogoStudent government is launching a new logo, Web site and an updated communication department in an effort to better highlight student government's activity on campus.

The idea for the new logo stems from the lack of identity student government has previously shared with the student body, Fonville said.

Most students on campus do not identify programs such as Steppin' Out and the Bear Pit with student government, even though the ideas for these programs began there, Fonville said.

"The one we were operating on before wasn't proven to be effective for communicating to an external audience," Fonville said. "We need something to communicate our affiliation with Baylor."

"We want people to be able to recognize student government as an active force on the Baylor campus," said Chelsea Saylors, Rowlette senior and Fonville's communication director.

By having a new logo, student government will be more easily identifiable with the program they financially support, Saylors said.

Fonville and his cabinet are also focusing on creating a bigger and better communication team that includes a photographer, historian, public relations committee and web designer.

The additional staff will focus on creating various communication outlets that are directed toward students.


Ideas include town hall meetings, where students can voice their concerns; a redesigned newsletter; and the BU tube -- a remodeled "green and gold" version of YouTube that posts speeches from Student Senate meetings.

By adding the communication team members, Fonville said he hopes to reach out to students in a different way.

"Our hope is that through more effective and creative communication, student government can more accurately and efficiently voice student concerns," Fonville said.

Phoenix senior and chief of staff Caleb Gallifant said student government is trying to engage the student body more. "If we are going to respond to student body we need to learn how engage them."

Gallifant is working with Fonville on engaging the administration, faculty, and students.

"These are the kind of changes we want to see be made this year as we are getting closer to the mid-point in 2012," said Fonville. "The needs of the student body are changing and the kind of things we need to do to reach out to students is really different."

*This article appeared in the September 18 edition of The Baylor Lariat