Baylor Presidential Search Update

Nov. 24, 2008

WACO, Texas-- The Baylor Student Government unanimously approved a resolution concerning constituency representation in the upcoming presidential search during a Student Senate meeting held on October 23.

The passed resolution aligns the student body with the Board of Regents' wishes to unify members of the Baylor family. Student Government recognizes that unity in the Baylor family is paramount to the future success of the university and believes that unity can best be achieved through open dialogue, transparency, and inclusiveness in the forthcoming search process.

The resolution ultimately asks the Board of Regents to include students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other constituencies as voting members of the presidential search committee.

With the overwhelming support coming from Student Government, Student Body President, Bryan Fonville remains hopeful that Baylor can follow in the footsteps of other type flight institutions.

"Looking at other top-tier universities, we've seen very high levels of student involvement," The Garland senior stated. "If Baylor wants to be a top-tier university, than it needs to follow the example of other top-tier universities in the matter of student involvement, as well as in academics, athletics and the like."

With the presidential search process expected to take several months, Student Government will continue to take an active role in the advocacy for student involvement.

"The next president of Baylor will have an enormous impact on both the direction and design of Baylor's future," Fonville remarks. "Only with a committee composed of regents, faculty, staff, alumni and students can we be sure that the new president represents all of the Baylor family."