Former, current EVP join Brooks College for Sunday dinner

March 30, 2008

Hay Day Voter

The weekly Brooks College Sunday evening dinner brought past and present student government leaders together with faculty for an evening of community.

Dr. Douglas Henry, faculty master of Brooks College, invited External Vice President Bryan Fonville as an honorary guest to the Brooks College dinner after attending the One Book, One Waco author event that Fonville helped organize in February.

Former External Vice President John Hill, class of 2004, was also in attendance as an honorary guest with his fiancée, Grace.

This unique opportunity offered both Fonville and Hill a chance to catch up on each other and exchange stories and ideas involving the past and present state of student government.

"It was inspiring to swap stories with John and see how much student government and the EVP office have evolved in just a few years," Fonville said. "Yet, the role of student government and its mission have not changed; we are still students serving students."

The Sunday evening dinners offer Brooks College residents the chance to meet and talk with faculty leaders to help foster faculty-student interaction and build a sense of community.

Sophomore Senator Liz Foreman, who also attended the dinner as an honorary guest, said that the sense of community she experienced at the dinner was something rare to see on a college campus.

"It was amazing to see students dressed up and enjoying a meal together as a community," said Foreman. "I also truly enjoyed the one-on-one conversation with faculty members and meeting their families."

Fonville believes that this fostering of relationships on campus is essential to bring people together.

"The mission of the Brooks College dinner is something that should permeate every other area of campus," Fonville said. "It's essential in uniting the Baylor community."