Junior Class hosts Presidents Roundtable

March 4, 2008

By: Lloyd Franklin


WACO, Texas--On March 4, 2008, Student Government welcomed the presidents of a variety of campus organizations to the Blume Conference Center (5th Floor of the Cashion Building) to enjoy dinner and exchange ideas. According to Junior Class Secretary Britney Wekesser, "The Presidents Roundtable gave student leaders an opportunity to congregate and talk about common interests, strengths and ideas for their own organizations."

Rev. Paul Burleson, president of Vital Truth Ministries, gave a presentation entitled "How to Spot a Leader." Burleson said leaders should be positive, loyal, and possess a servant's attitude. According to Megan Forbes, junior class vice president, "Mr. Burleson did a fantastic job communicating the responsibilities and duties of a Christian leader."

According to Forbes, "I believe Presidents Roundtable allows campus leaders to come together to further ideas and relationships between groups on campus fostering a growing community that welcomes and supports everyone."

According to Erica Mooney, junior class president, "Presidents Roundtable was a successful opportunity for student leaders to engage with one another, and to be encouraged and motivated in their service and commitment to the University. Our speaker, Paul Burleson's presentation of 'How to Spot a Leader' was exactly what students needed to hear. It is crucial to develop the student leaders at Baylor, and, I sincerely hope that Presidents Roundtable is an event that Student Government continues to host every year."