Student Government Accomplishes Much in 2007

Dec. 5, 2007

WACO, Texas-- "With so many accomplishments, it's hard to put a finger on one single moment that defines our semester," said External Vice President Bryan Fonville, .

And a great semester it has been for Student Government. In 2007, Student Government saw the completion and continuance of many successful projects.

The sophomore class officers achieved success with two fall semester projects. Before hosting the Baylor housing fair in November, the class officers started what promises to be a long-lasting Baylor tradition - allowing seniors to run in the Baylor Line for the final home football game.

"We received a lot of positive feedback and I'm so glad we could give something back to the Baylor family," said Sophomore Class President Jordan Hannah. "We would like to see this tradition become one of the lasting traditions at Baylor."

2007 also saw an emphasis on the Waco community. EVP Bryan Fonville and his cabinet have continued many successful programs from last year - most notably including the Community Involvement Council (CIC) and Learning English Among Friends (LEAF). "They are both great programs that allow Baylor students the opportunity to interact with community members," said Fonville.

Perhaps the biggest story of 2007 was the fundraising efforts of the senior class officers. David Hao, president; Tara Gitau, vice-president; and Jen Kim, secretary/treasurer; have successfully raised over $18,000 for the Senior Class Gift Endowed Scholarship Fund. "We're well on our way toward our goal of $25,000," said Senior Class President David Hao. "I've been blown away by the enormous generosity from the Baylor family. It's been a great experience."

Other accomplishments from the 2007 fall semester include:

~ EVP cabinet helped with the formation and launch of a departmental scholarship site:

~ Student Senate allocated $56,652.99 from the Student Life Fund to student groups for campus events, programs, and charitable causes. Notable allocations included KOT Christmas Tree Lighting, Asianfest, and the Omega Kids Benefit Concert. $2,261.37 was reimbursed to the Student Life Fund.

~ Junior Class Officers hosted midnight prayer hour each month.

~ Hosted the Student Government Alumni Homecoming Breakfast.

~ Senior Class Officers hosted an All-University Thanksgiving Dinner on Fountain Mall. The event brought together over 3,000 students for Thanksgiving dinner.

~ EVP and cabinet restarted Partnership of Student Groups (PSG) to increase conversation between diverse student groups.

"Overall, I've been impressed with the work ethic from Student Government," said Student Body President Travis Plummer. "It's been a great semester and I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish in 2008."