EVP, ITS, & Financial Aid Launch Scholarship Site

Dec. 3, 2007

By: Lloyd Franklin

EVP: You And Me

WACO, Texas--On October 31 a new Web site featuring approximately 450 departmental scholarships was officially made available to current Baylor students.

According to External Vice President Bryan Fonville, the site's launch marks the culmination of a nearly three-year process starting with then EVP Katie Weiss. The effort gained significant momentum under former EVP Allan Marshall, and is now available to current students.

The Web site, which is broken down by major and classification, can be accessed at

"The site has a Google search engine feel and is really user-friendly," said Fonville. "It allows students to sort scholarships based on different merits and qualifications."

The Web site also provides information regarding the scholarship's specifications, GPA standards, contact information, and also displays whether the scholarship is need or merit based.

"I hope students will take advantage of this resource while they're here because every little bit of financial aid helps," Fonville said. "If this resource makes the difference between someone staying at Baylor or transferring to another school, then it has been successful."

Many students have difficulty finding scholarship money. With so many applications and Web sites, it's difficult to efficiently locate major-related scholarships.

"Finding scholarship money can be a daunting task," said EVP cabinet member Amanda Beattie, who worked on the project. "With this new Web site, it's like one-stop shopping."

The site, which was a partnership between Information and Technology Services, Financial Aid, and the Office of the External Vice President, is set to receive updates as new scholarships are introduced into the system.

"We're extremely grateful for all the hard work that ITS and Financial Aid have put into this project," said Beattie. "They care about students and really wanted to make this project a reality."

"We hope this new Web site will be a resource that future Baylor students can continue to utilize," said Fonville.

For more information on academic scholarships, visit the Financial Aid Web site.