Campus Improvements

Oct. 24, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

This year's sophomore class officers have already begun to make positive changes on the Baylor campus. After adding three new sophomore senators to student government, they have all worked together in order to better serve the Baylor community.

With only a couple of months since the start of school, sophomore class officers have been proactive in maintaining a safe environment for Baylor students.

The Bear Trail, home to many intense joggers and leisure walkers, had some minor annoyances and safety issues that the sophomore class was quick to point out and fix.

The light bulbs that line the Bear Trail have all been replaced allowing students to feel more safe and comfortable when running at night. Trees near the trail have been trimmed to keep from hitting runners.

The sophomore class is also working with Travis Plummer, student body internal vice president, to get the Baylor Science Building open 24 hours a day for studying purposes. Because they are interested in how student feel towards the idea, sophomore class officers have placed a poll on the BIN where students can go and vote for, or against the proposal.

The current projects that the sophomore class is working on are changing the timing of the sprinkler systems around the campus, and creating the 2007 Housing Fair.

Sprinklers along the Bear Trail, beside North Village, and in the North Russell courtyard, tend to go off early in the evening, making pathways muddy and inaccessible. Britney Wekesser, sophomore class president,

told student senate on Thursday, that the sophomore class was working on pushing back the times sprinklers would go off.

The 2007 Housing Fair will be partnered with Bear Cribs. It will be hosted in the spring semester and provide students with available housing opportunities near the Baylor campus.