President Lilley Speaks on Interlocking BU

Nov. 27, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

WACO, Texas--President Lilley spoke to Student Senate on Thursday in preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Lilley warned students to get enough sleep before making the drive to and from campus.

"I am grateful for all of you," said Lilley, "be joyful with the day you have." Lilley told students that as Thanksgiving and finals approach, there is always room for joy "no matter what is going on."

Lilley also commented on the wide-spread controversy of the interlocking "BU" symbol. He confirmed the rumor going around that the symbol would be eliminated was false; however, there will be some changes made in order to help Baylor be consistently known both nationally and internationally as "Baylor."

"When you can use Baylor, use Baylor," Lilley said. Currently Baylor is both known as "Baylor" (i.e. the Baylor Theatre Department) and also "BU" (i.e. BU Athletics).

"Why spend millions of dollars on new basketball facilities if "BU" (the same initials as Boston College) gets the credit and not Baylor?" Lilley asked. Putting Baylor instead of BU is a statement of pride for the university.

After Lilley left, senate pass a support resolution for recycling. The freshman class will put bins at the end of each hallway in Allen Dawson where students can recycle plastics. This is a trial phase to see how to further implement recycling campus-wide.

The senate also gave $2,131 from the Student Life Fund to help the Undergraduate Mock Trials held last week. The mock trial tournament are put on by the

Baylor Law School and host contestants from several different neighboring schools.

At the end of meeting, Allan Marshall informed students who are staying in Waco for the Thanksgiving break that they could help serve a Thanksgiving dinner to those less fortunate at Mission Waco's Meyer Center at noon on Nov. 23.