Student Senate Votes to Accept Revised Bills

Sept. 26, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

WACO, Texas--Student Body President, Mark Laymon, vetoed two bills passed in senate last Thursday, Sept. 14.

Laymon felt the bills did not adequately communicate the intentions of the senate. He believed the wording in both bills misrepresented the senate's desire in the use of the Student Life Fund towards Alpha Delta Pi's "Girls Fight Back" seminar, and Phi Iota Alpha's pageant.

"I am only trying to make sure senate's desires are carried out and am trying to protect these organizations in the event that questions are raised about their spending," Laymon said.

The senate voted to keep Laymon's revisions for Phi Iota Alpha's pageant event. The bill now specifies what parts of the pageant Student Life Fund money will cover.

Laymon's revisions for Alpha Delta Pi's interactive seminar were also approved by the senate. The bill now shows that money from the Student Life fund will go toward 50 percent of the total funds needed to produce the event, up to $2155.00.

Student Court Chief Justice, Sean Taylor, reminded student senate that the Student Life Fund needed to go toward campus-wide or community service events.

Ben Collins, attorney general, promised to meet with organizations who receive money from the Student Life Fund soon after the conclusion of their event to ensure the proper spending of the allocated money. Collins encouraged the senate to put a percent clause into the bills to keep organizations accountable for their money spending.

Phi Lamb received $2,635 from the Student Life fund for a Monk and Neagle concert on Nov. 4, following Stepping Out.

Pi Beta Phi also received $1,050 for their 44th annual Howdy Dance, set for Sept. 29. The money will go towards a live band and a mechanical bull.

A resolution to rebuild Fountain Mall will be voted on during the next senate meeting.

Student government was also proud to confirm its newest members. Kaitlyn Ires is now the comptroller, and new sophomore senators include Carl Ellis, Abbie Rosen, and Parker Short. Will Simmons, junior, and Brent Wilkins, senior, have also been added to the senate.

Allan Marshall, external vice president, reminded senate about the upcoming "Beyond Leadership" community summit next Thursday, Sept. 28, from 4-6:30 p.m. in the Student Union Building. The meeting will include Baylor students, faculty, and administration, as well as several Waco community leaders. Marshall hopes the summit will strengthen the relationship between Baylor and Waco. He strongly encouraged everyone to attend this informational and beneficial event.