Student Leaders Meet with Campus Services

Sept. 21, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

WACO, Texas--Student government leaders, as well as campus services and university host, came together Thursday to get acquainted with and inform Baylor class officers of the different service jobs at Baylor. Campus services and university host jobs range from technical services, to Baylor dining services, to athletic housekeeping, to mail and vending services.

Assistant Vice President of Campus Services and University Host Chris Krause said, "We don't often get recognized, but that's good because it means we are doing our job well."

These men and women, often "background" workers for Baylor University, gathered together to educate the class officers of the different service jobs that are performed around the Baylor campus.

Campus services and university host initiated the meeting with hopes to inform the class officers of where they could turn to solve future problems for the Baylor student body.

Baylor faculty shared with students different contact information and how they could better serve Baylor faculty, administration, and students in the future. Student government leaders were encouraged to gather phone numbers and use campus services and university host as a resource.

Krause said, "Hopefully what we do each day in some small way contributes to that magical experience" for Baylor students.

The group plans to gather again in the spring to acquire more information about improvements and problems on campus.