Speaker Wants to Make Baylor a Mobile Campus

Nov. 14, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

WACO, Texas--Clayton Stewart spoke to student senate on Thursday and asked them to consider making Baylor a "mobile campus." Stewart advocated a service provider to college students that would send informational messages to students on their cell phones, from various organizations.

Students would be able to receive up to two messages a day from any off-campus organization about discounts, promotions, etc., through text messages. Baylor would also be able to promptly reach students in the event of an emergency at any time during the day.

Baylor students would have to personally register their phone in order to receive text announcements and they would also be able to choose which organizations they received texts from. Baylor would receive a small portion of total money made.

An amendment was presented to change the by-laws of the Student Government Constitution. The amendment was to prevent student organizations from receiving money from Place 2BU and the Student Life Fund simultaneously. The amendment did not pass.

Mark Laymon, the student government president, ended the meeting by encouraging the senate to carefully consider and look over each bill.