Ramsower and Lilley Meet with Student Senate

Oct. 30, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

WACO, Texas--Vice President for Finance and Administration, Dr. Ramsower, showed Student Senate on Thursday, the proposed budget for the upcoming year. There will be an 8 percent increase in tuition for Baylor students in the fall of 2007.

Dr. Ramsower told studenAsian Fests that the budget was prepared conservatively. "We're not going to create budgets for monetary gifts that we have not received yet," Dr. Ramsower said.

Mark Laymon, student body president, asked if there would be a plan to raise the amount of need based scholarships for students currently attending Baylor. Dr. Ramsower said such a plan was not in the current budget model. "It would cost a lot of money for us to do that, and that is money we don't have right now." However, he did reassure students that there were several existing scholarships that students could apply for.

President Lilley told students Baylor would first try to gather money before they thought about increasing the student population.

The African Student Association was given $3500 to host their 8th Annual Cultural Extravaganza. The Extravaganza will celebrate the African culture through competitive dances, plays, and fashion shows.

The Asian Student Association (ASA) asked for $1500 from the Student Life Fund to host Asian Fest. Student Senate chose to give ASA $2500. Asian Fest will emphasize on cultural Asian diversity, and include several speakers that will talk on diversity and influence.

Alpha Phi Alpha received $2,000 from the Student Life Fund for their 14th Annual Miss Black and Gold Pageant.

A support resolution was passed to resolve problems of wasting water on the Baylor campus by fixing sprinklers and changing the sprinkler times to between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Student Senate denied KOT money to help with their 42nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. KOT had asked for $10,000 from the Student Life Fund to help with the campus-wide event that celebrates the Christmas season.

Kappa Kappa Gamma was also denied money for their Annual Kappa Klassic. The women of Kappa had requested $1,803 from the Student Life Fund.