Student Senate Hears Presentation on Brooks

Oct. 9, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

WACO, Texas--Senior Gary Guadagnolo visited Student Senate with updates on the new Brooks Village that will be built beside Kokernot Residence Hall. There will be two parts to Brooks Village: Brooks Flats and Brooks College. The flats will be similar to already existing North Village and the Brooks College is a residential area modeled after universities such as Oxford, Rice, and Yale.

Brooks College will incorporate students of all majors and ages. "It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of something that will drastically change Baylor University life," said Guadagnolo.

Student Senate gave $3500 or 70% of the total event cost to the Medical Service Organization (MSO) for their CPR Training event coming at the beginning of November. MSO will provide 120 students, faculty, and staff with CPR certification.

Student Body President, Mark Laymon, told Student Senate an initiative had been taken to host an all university event such as a Thanksgiving dinner on the Monday before Thanksgiving break.

Allan Marshall, Student Body External Vice President, recapped the success of the "Beyond Leadership" community summit last Thursday. He is also working on forming the Community Involvement Council that will work on continuing to strengthen relationships between Baylor and Waco. The council will have an ongoing discussion about community service, recreation, and employment opportunities.

Student Body Internal Vice President, Travis Plummer, is currently working with sophomore class officers to get the Baylor Science Building open twenty-four hours a day. Plummer also informed senate that Sid Richardson will be closed for remodeling soon and all offices and classes will be moved to the Baylor Science Building.