Student Government Accomplishes Much in 2006

Dec. 29, 2006

By: Ashley Lintelman

WACO, Texas--The fall semester of 2006 has drawn to a close, leaving students with "remember when" moments and looking forward to a new start in the spring. Student Government accomplished much during the fall semester. They worked hard, got creative, and accomplished what many might have thought impossible.

"It has been a pleasure and a great honor to serve students this semester. Student Government has accomplished a number of goals, and I am humbled by our service to the student body. We are so thankful that God gave us the ability and vision to serve students," said Allan Marshall, student body external vice president.

The members of Student Government made the voices and ideas of the student body their primary goals and were able to make monumental strides in building relationships with the student body as well as the Waco community.

"From building relationships with the Greater Waco community to hosting our first annual Thanksgiving meal on Fountain Mall," Marshall said Student Government truly believes in placing students first and it hopes to continue to be an advocate for students.

A list of accomplishments by Baylor Student Government for the fall of 2006 follows:

organized first annual Thanksgiving Dinner on Fountain Mall

organized Women's Suffrage Presentation

organized freshmen to build float for homecoming

organized recycling projects on campus

organized report on 24-hour building access

helped organize UpRoar

had President's Tea with Multicultural Student Organizations

conducted the Student Life Survey

passed allocations for a number of student organizations' events, including KOT Christmas Tree Lighting and BYX Island Party

advocated for publishing faculty evaluations, 24 hour study facility, a student regent, and a change in the religious policy for non-chartered student organizations

advocated for a scholarship site for upperclassmen

strengthened the relationship between Baylor and the Waco community

created the Community Involvement Council (CIC)

developed an Alumni Mentor program in partnership with the Baylor Alumni Association

continued the Learning English Among Friends program (LEAF)

hosted the "Beyond Leadership" Community Summit

worked on the George W. Bush Library Community Task Force

hosted Mayor Virginia DuPuy during a session of Student Senate

hosted an Alumni Homecoming Breakfast

advocated for alcohol awareness

established the Office of the Press Secretary

"We hope students will come to us with their concerns. We treasure students' input and value any feedback. We hope they will not hesitate to stop by the office, call, or e-mail us with their concerns," said Marshall.

Student Government is looking forward to another exciting and rewarding spring semester.