Institutional Presentations

Summary of Institutional Presentations:
  • On Friday, September 17th, each institution attending the Big XII Student Government Conference will provide a 15-minute presentation to other attending schools.
  • Institutions will be assigned a timeslot. One computer located at the front of the room will be used to show presentations; institutions will not need to use their own computer.
  • 10 minutes of each presentation will be allocated for content.
  • 5 minutes of each presentation will be allocated for questions from audience members.
  • Institutional presentations will include the following content:
    • An overview of your Student Government Association’s (SGA) structure.
    • Introduction of SGA officers, advisors, and other SGA members attending,
    • The showcasing of two or three projects your SGA recently or is currently working on.
      • Examples: Addressing food insecurity, composting projects, delivery robots, etc.
  • Institutions must create and submit their own presentation but are provided with a template for use.
    • The template contains several template slides with titles, diagrams, icons, etc. for your convenience. Not every template needs to be used.
    • Institutions have creative freedom over how they present information most effectively but are expected to keep presentations professional and appropriate. Institutions are also expected to follow the template’s general format and look.

How to Submit Presentations (by Thursday, September 16 at 11:59 pm):
  1. Download the presentation template. We strongly recommend editing presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Once your presentation is finished, save it as a .PPTX PowerPoint file)
    1. Please format your file name as “Presentation-SCHOOLNAME.pptx”
      1. Example: Presentation-Baylor.pptx
  3. Fill out the presentation submission form and upload your institution’s presentation file
    1. If you have any upload issues, please contact and email your file to Your presentation will be manually uploaded.
  4. If you need to update your presentation, please email before resubmitting the form. This will ensure that we have the correct presentation on file.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact