The Student Body President has chosen to focus on several different initiatives. Each is briefly described below and includes a link to more information.



THE PURPOSE: Bear Care seeks to promote student health and wellness by providing new resources and promoting existing resources on our campus. By increasing the availability and awareness of our mental health resources, we can help students find the resources they need to develop a healthy lifestyle!


We are placing a high priority on students’ health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team has been working with Student Activities to support safe on and off-campus COVID practices. Additionally, Sutton serves on the Student Life on Health Controls Committee.


By hosting a Mental Health Week in the Fall semester, as well as the spring, we can:

  • Help students create healthy habits
  • Advertise resources to new students
  • Promote ways to connect to Baylor’s resources

By increasing the availability and awareness of our mental health resources, we can help students find the resources they need to develop a healthy lifestyle.


In efforts to better ensure the safety of sexual harassment, assault, stalking, and rape victims our team is taking strides in privatizing personal student information that is currently made public. Additionally, we are working diligently to ensure each student has equal access to Title IX services by focusing efforts on creating a Title IX Reporting Center on campus.


With Sic Hunger, we hope to empower students to fight food insecurity on our campus and serve their fellow students. We now understand that food insecurities can lead students to have to make difficult compromises. We plan to help provide:

  • More meals
  • More professional and casual attire
  • More free textbooks

By furthering Student Government's partnership with The Store, we can better provide for our student body.


The Student Care and Wellness Fund allows students to seek financial help during difficult times in their lives. This resource can provide students with the money they need to better thrive at Baylor. This Fund could go to paying for counseling, for rent, and for car repairs when students need it the most!

By providing students with financial assistance we can support a student's health, wellness, and opportunity to excel at Baylor University.




The purpose of the Diversity Coalition is threefold: to inform, to encourage, and to equip Student Government's outreach on campus. This coalition will inform Student Government concerning how it can better represent the needs of every student. In addition, the Diversity Coalition will be charged with encouraging more students to join the conversation and Student Government. Finally, it will create opportunities for more students to become more connected to our campus and create positive change.

The Diversity Coalition will consist of two committees. The first (A) will consist of twelve members, six Student Government members & six non-Student Government members. The second (B) will consist of eight Senators, not serving on the committee A. Committee B will act as a peer-review for A.

*Diversity Coalition applications are currently closed and interviews are underway.


This initiative invites students to connect with diverse church leaders from the Waco community and to learn more about minority-led church programs in Waco. Students are given the chance to ask questions and get to know the ministers and get an idea of what churches they may want to try out in the future.

The next Church To You event is TBA.


Student Government is focusing intently on ensuring our communication with our peers is seamless. Both our Instagram and our website offer resources for everything we are working on as well as resources for scholarships, Title IX assistance, counseling services, and more. On our Instagram, we post weekly recaps of what Student Senate is working on and more information can be found in the What’s New BU updates.