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Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present and engaged in the moment. It involves maintaining awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and surrounding through a gentle lens (free from judgment). Practicing mindfulness will help us make the most of every moment in our lives by allowing us to enjoy life more.
Mindful is the voice of the emerging mindfulness community. Mindful provides wonderful insight, information, resources, and inspiration to help us all have a healthy mind for a healthy, happy life.

Meditation can be a vital part of a weekly wellness routine. It helps lower stress and anxiety while increasing productivity and boosting memory function. Meditation can be the key to promoting happiness in our daily lives.


Here are our picks for the best meditation apps:

Headspace |
Headspace introduces you to the world of meditation. It takes time to get comfortable with your mind so meditation practice is key. Headspace can help guide your medication by including daily takeaways.

Calm |
Calm can help you find your calm. It tailors content and meditations specific to your personal goals and needs. From reducing anxiety and stress to improving performance and sleep, Calm is here to help you develop gratitude for life while building self-esteem.

Ten Percent Happier |
Ten Percent Happier is led by world experts on mindfulness. The app will walk you through the basics of meditation, staying balanced when life gets stressful, increasing happiness, and improving sleep. Apart from the app that contains it all, Ten Percent Happier has published several books and launched a podcast.


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