Student Care & Wellness Fund

The Student Care & Wellness Fund is a means of helping students cover out-of-pocket expenses when various needs arise. You can find the application as well as more information on the SCWF tab!

Waco Resources

The Waco resources listed will direct you to ways to further explore all that Waco has to offer. From local businesses, to community events, we hope you are able to engage with the city Baylor calls home to the furthest extent.

Why Waco Wednesdays

If you have a favorite hidden gem in Waco you’d like to share, submit it here for a chance to be featured on the Student Government Instagram.

Civic Engagement

We believe your voice matters, and you should use it! Our Civic Engagement resources provide information on voter registration, how to vote and guides to becoming an educated voter.

Report a Violation

The "Report a Violation" page contains important forms and resources related to violations of the Student Government Bylaws or complaints against student organizations and their operations.

Legal Resources for Students

The "Legal Resources for Students" page contains valuable legal resources for students to utilize. These resources include related to students' guaranteed rights and responsibilities, voting rights, tenant rights, legal aid, and immigration services.

Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness page offers students access to a variety of resources tailored to cultivating beneficial habits that will serve to encourage mental and physical well-being.

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