Current Voting Records

Below, you will find a list of links to all available Legislative Voting Records for 2020-2021, organized by type and name, each linked to its respective document:

Senate Allocations

  • SA 68-1 Theta's Virtual CASA 5K PASSED*
  • SA 68-2 Delta Epsilon Psi Who's Got Game 2K Tournament PASSED
  • SA 68-3 SAE Paddy Murphy Week PASSED†
  • SA 68-4 Pre-Health Symposium by Alpha Epsilon PASSED*
  • SA 68-5 Scientia 2021 Research Journal Printing PASSED*
  • SA 68-6 Depsi Movie Night at McLane PASSED†
  • SA 68-7 FM72 PASSED†
  • SA 68-8 ISSA Gateway to India PASSED*
  • SA 68-9 Delta Night Live PASSED†
  • SA 68-10 GSSA PASSED*
  • SA 68-11 Gospel Fest PASSED*
  • SA 68-12 HSA Fiesta PASSED†
  • SA 68-13 StompFest PASSED*
  • SA 68-14 Dragon Boat Festival PASSED*
  • SA 68-15 Kappa Omega Tau and Phi Beta Sigma PASSED*
  • SA 68-16 ATO Race One PASSED*
  • SA 68-17 CelebrASIAN Alliance PASSED*
  • SA 68-18 Pi Kapp War of the Roses PASSED*

Senate Enactments

Senate Improvements

Senate Resolutions


*Whenever a bill requires lower funding, it is voted on by the finance committee (not the senate), therefore there is no voting record for these bills.

†Voting was done by acclamation (said aloud, in-person), therefore these records were not digitized and not viewable online.