Judicial Branch

Student Court

Student Court is the judicial branch of Student Government. It is composed of seven justices and two court clerks. Student Court interprets the official documents of Student Government and settles disputes among students and organizations. It also hears appeals concerning Baylor traffic tickets issued on campus. The Court works closely with the administration of the university - Student Life, Parking Services, and Judicial Affairs, as well as with the other branches of Student Government. For more information about the Court's jurisdiction see Article IV. Section V. of the Baylor Student Body Constitution.

All justices are appointed in accordance with the Student Body Constitution. This entails appointment by the Student Body President and then confirmation by a majority vote of the Student Senate. Each justice serves a term of two (undergraduate) academic years or until his or her graduation from Baylor University.

Individuals interested in serving on the Student Court as either a justice or a clerk should fill out the following application and submit it to the Student Body President. Candidates will be interviewed by the Student Body President and/or their staff and if selected will be nominated and required to be confirmed by the Student Senate.

2021-2022 Judicial Branch Application