Student Government Allocation Fund

To submit an allocation request on your organization's behalf click here.

The Student Government Allocation Fund. The Student Government Allocation Fund (SGAF) is a financial resource available to those seeking to create a University-wide impact through campus improvement projects, social events, educational causes and charitable endeavors.

It is the purpose of the SGAF to be used in a way that promotes the interests of the student body and ensures that the needs of Baylor students are met. Student Senate appropriates the SGAF each semester on a merit basis to Baylor-affiliated students and organizations who are able to effectively demonstrate that their project, event, educational cause or charitable cause will benefit the Baylor campus.

Each student contributes each semester as a part of their tuition fee to the Student Government Allocation Fund. This is approximately $90,000 per semester. Student Senate has sole appropriating power as to whom this money is to be allocated. Individuals and/or organizations may apply for these funds. To do so, please click on the above link, fill out the form, and submit it online to Student Senate.

Feel free to contact Student Senate with any additional questions or concerns by calling the Student Body Internal Vice President Katy Crawford at (469) 933-8933 or via email at