Student Care & Wellness Fund



The Student Care & Wellness Fund

Life is full of unexpected circumstances and unforeseen expenses. For students, these circumstances and expenses have the potential to significantly impact performance and wellbeing in all areas of their lives. The Baylor University Student Government has established the Student Care & Wellness Fund as a means of helping students cover out-of-pocket expenses when various needs arise. This student-led, philanthropic venture demonstrates the deep commitment of the Baylor family to care for students in need.

What We Do

The Student Care & Wellness Fund (SCWF) provides financial assistance to students in substantial need due to unexpected circumstances. To apply for a SCWF allocation, potential applicants can access the Student Care & Wellness Fund Application beginning in June of 2018. Upon submitting this application, all personal identifying information is redacted to ensure the privacy and anonymity of the applicant before the application is sent to the student-led Committee for Allocation of Funds for review and approval.

How We Do It

The Student Care & Wellness Fund was established by the generous contributions of members of the Baylor Family, including: students, faculty, student organizations, churches, non-profits, and alumni. Through your generosity, the Student Care & Wellness Fund can continue to grow to provide further care for students in need through an endowed fund. Interested donors can contribute directly to the Student Care & Wellness Fund here.

Contact Us

Dr. Martha Lou Scott, Associate Vice President for Student Life

Assistant Sponsor:

Meghan Becker, Case Manager for the Office of Student Life

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