External Vice President

Zach Tufenkjian

The Student Body External Vice President coordinates Student Government relations with the greater Waco community, Baylor student organizations, alumni, and other universities. The EVP fulfills this role by overseeing five cabinet offices, each with a distinct set of goals and focuses. The External Vice President additionally maintains a minimum of 12 office hours per school week and collaborates with the Baylor Student Senate to accomplish their policy priorities.



2021-2022 Student Body External Vice President

Zach Tufenkjian is a senior Political Science major from Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Before his election to the EVP role in April of 2021, Zach served in the Executive Branch as Attorney General, Director of Policy, and Title IX Policy Committee Member. Zach has also served on the Diversity/Inclusion and Census/Housing Ad Hoc Committees and was honored as Executive Branch Member of the Year for the 2019-20 school year.

Zach is committed towards building a more equitable campus community and bridging Student Government to the greater Waco community, student organizations, and other constituencies. In his free time, he enjoys riding his bike around Waco, attending Baylor Baseball games, and visiting the area's unique set of market events. Zach invites all members of the Baylor community to visit his office in the basement of the Bill Daniel Student Center (BDSC) during his regularly held office hours or otherwise contact him by email or phone any day of the week.