External Vice President

Alan Bond 

The Student Body External Vice President is a connecting officer for Baylor's student body to the Greater Waco community. The EVP also serves as the liaison to state and national levels of governmental relations. By reaching out to city, state, national, and university partners in a broad spectrum of communities, this office is able to contribute to as well as advocate for a full Baylor experience. The office works in relational areas regarding community, government, alumni, and university in order to make the student experience at Baylor holistic. 


2019-2020 Student Body External Vice President   

Alan Bond is a Junior Political Science major and Business Administration Minor from San Jose, California. He served his Freshman year as a member on the External Vice President’s Cabinet helping to make the best experience possible for students by fostering community within Waco. His Sophomore year he served as a Student Senator advocating for the needs of Baylor students. Alan has been dedicated to serving the student body since he arrived at Baylor and has plans to bring more opportunities to campus for students. He plans to bring Waco and Baylor together to create a greater sense of community. Alan’s plans intertwine Baylor and the vibrant community of Waco through student involvement, service, and community relations. Alan encourages every student to reach out to him regarding any matter by contacting him via email or by visiting him in his office in the Bill Daniel Student Center.