59th Session Legislation

Student Senate passes four types of legislation: Resolutions, Support Resolutions, Allocations, and Enactments.


A resolution is typically an official Senatorial recommendation to a department of the university for action. Student Senate seeks out ways to hear the voice of the Student Body and thence turns the thoughts and ideas of that body into requests and recommendations to those in the university who can enact change and improvements. The resolution must be signed by the Student Body President before establishment.

Support Resolutions

A support resolution primarily expresses support for a university action, encouragement for a member of the university, or sympathy to friends of the university. A Senatorial support does not need to be signed by the Student Body President because it only expresses the support of Senate. A support resolution can express the support of the entire body of Student Government if signed by the Student Body President.


An allocation gives money to a particular organization or individual for a certain purpose. They must follow the rules set forth by the by-laws (§4.6). The bill must specify what exactly the money will be used for and how much is requested. The enacting clause of the bill should read: "Therefore: Be it resolved by the Baylor University Student Senate assembled that the sum of $$$$ be allocated to __________ for the purpose of __________."


Enactments propose changes to the documents or internal workings of the Student Senate. They must be approved by 2/3 of Senate and thus do not require the signature of the Student Body President.


Pending Legislation

Bill Title / Authoring Senator(s)

SA59-01 DTD Traditions Rally / Paul Schlaudraff & Allison Temnick

SA59-03 BYX Island Party / Brian Kim & Cody Orr

SE59-01 Newly Elected Senators / Celeste Russell & Michelle Singleton

Passed Legislation

Bill Title / Authoring Senator(s)

SA59-02 Pi Beta Phi Howdy / Randall Hollomon
SR59-01 Dining Services Advisory Board / Nick Pokorny
SR59-02 SBO Strategic Plan Report / Randal Hollomon