Class Officer By-Laws


Article 1

Duties of the Elect

§1.1. The Class Officers will serve as a formal Cabinet for the Student Body President.

§1.2. The Class Officers are required to serve two office hours a week in the Student Government Office, and those hours are to be posted.

§1.3. Class Officers are required to attend at least two Student Congress meetings per semester. They will also be required to present a class report to Congress at least once per semester as directed by the Student Body President making the total number of required Congress meetings three.

§1.4. Class Officers are required to hold at least one meeting every two weeks to discuss what the classes are currently working on, and any other business concerning Baylor and/or her students. At these meetings the Secretary/Treasurer from each class will have a typed report detailing work that took place during the two weeks and any new information that will be useful to the other Class Officers and the Student Body President.

§1.5. The Student Body President and the Senior Class President will meet before each General Class Officers Meeting to plan an agenda and to discuss any other important matters. The Senior Class President will preside over the General Meetings.

§1.6. The Class Officers are expected to do at least one service project with each other per semester. A service chair will be elected at the second meeting.

§1.7. The Class Officers will be expected to raise a minimum of $400 a year for their classes, which will later be used for a class gift, or donated to a charity. These activities can be a combined effort of all the classes or carried out individually.

§1.8. Class Officers are encouraged to take on one project every year to make Baylor a better place for students. Each Class will sponsor its own betterment project.

Article 2

Attendance Policy

§2.1. Each member is allowed a total of two absences during each semester.

§2.2. One absence will be recorded for every Class Officer Meeting missed.

§2.3. Half an absence will be recorded for every office hour not served.

§2.4. One absence will be recorded for each Student Congress meeting unattended.

§2.5. If a member finishes the semester with three or more absences then they will be required to meet with the Student Body Officers. The Student Body Officers will decide the fate of the accused, with a maximum penalty of removal of title from co-curricular transcript.

Article 3

Amendment Process

§3.1. These by-laws can be amended by vote of two-thirds of membership.