On-Campus Supervisors

Posting Student Jobs

Student Employment Job Board Hosted by JobX University Department

1. Login to JobX through the Student Employment website.

2. Click on “University Departments” to access job posting tools, applicants, and resources.

3. University Department Access Request Form: if you do not have access to the system, you will need to complete this form located under Forms and Information.

4. My Control Panel: on this page you can perform nearly all tasks related to your job.

5. Add a new job for: build online job listings and applications; quickly add multiple positions for the same job; designate multiple University employees to manage a job; submit a job posting for admin review.

6. Review applications: receive notification of applications by email and review online; keep all apps in a central location and manage with preview and notes functions; email employees

7. Hire Request online: validation check for work eligibility requirements (e.g. I-9, W-4, SAP, background check, work-study award); submit job hiring requests; process hire online.

8. Approval Email: when the Office of Student Employment completes the review of the hire request, the department and student will receive a confirmation email. The student may NOT begin work until this email is received.

9. Manage old jobs: store lists of employees interested in job postings; save job postings for re-use.

Selecting Students

University faculty and staff of Baylor’s commitment to compliance with federal and state regulations that govern student employment, including the Federal Work-Study Program. It is the University’s practice to adhere to applicable employment laws, policies, and procedures for all student employees including those in the Federal Work-Study Program and not in the program.

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program requires we make FWS jobs reasonably available, to the extent of available funds, to all eligible students. When making a selection of a student, departments should give priority to students with FWS eligibility. This is especially important during the first few weeks of the fall semester. The Office of Student Employment may postpone a hire during the first three weeks of school to ensure FWS eligible students receive priority.