Types of Student Employment

The Office of Student Employment strives to serve students in the on-campus and off-campus employment opportunity process. All jobs posted JobX are for current Baylor University students.

Any opportunities for post-graduation and full-time employment should still be listed in Handshake. If you have questions about the job category, please contact the Office of Student Employment.

On-Campus Employment

Jobs that are part-time (equal or less than 20 hours per week) in nature and are located on Baylor University campus. These may be funded through Federal Work-Study, Texas College, or University Work-Study dollars.

On-Campus Internship

Similar to On-Campus Employment; except these jobs are project based related to the student’s major or field of interest. The On-Campus Internship Program exists to provide a practical learning experience and professional development opportunities to the students of Baylor University.

FWS Community Service

Community Service Federal Work-Study Program jobs are for students who have Federal Work-Study Eligibility. These are organizations that the University provides a sponsorship through Federal Work-Study dollars for students to gain work experience. These organizations are contracted through the University and provide director or indirect service to the community.

Graduate Assistants

Internships for graduate degree level students that are project-based and related to the student’s major or field of interest.

Assistantships, fellowships, or other similarly related positions are categorized as students with work related to their degree program and are managed through the Graduate School. Graduate Assistants do not receive the same benefits as teaching assistants or research assistants and are similar to an On-Campus Undergraduate job with the exception they perform higher levels of work.

*These job postings are NOT for teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or other similarly related positions