Student Employment Compliance Notification



Baylor Career and Professional Development has established an Office of Student Employment to centralize and streamline student employment functions and processes for student employees and supervisors. While the Office of Student Employment will serve as a single point of contact and resource for both students and supervisors, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and Payroll will remain key partners with the office.

We want to take the time to remind university faculty and staff of Baylor’s commitment to compliance with federal and state regulations that govern student employment, including the Federal Work-Study Program. It is the University’s practice to adhere to applicable employment laws, policies, and procedures for all student employees including those in the Federal Work-Study Program and not in the program. It is imperative to comply with the requirements outlined below in preparation for hiring student workers.

As you and your office prepare to hire student employees it is important to comply with the following requirements:


1. Approval for Work & Compensation: The Student Financial Aid office reviews each student’s eligibility for work as regulated by the U.S. Department of Education. Read More

2. Form I-9 & Eligibility for Work: Before a student employee reports for the first day of work, including orientation or training, the student must complete Section 1 of the Department of Homeland Security’s Form I-9 online, then present acceptable original forms of identification (unexpired) for proof of eligibility to work. Read More

3. Form W-4: Before reporting for the first day of work, including orientation or training, students must complete the IRS required Form W-4 for income tax purposes, which includes a review of their Social Security card to verify name and number, before reporting for the first day of work. Read More

4. Job Descriptions and Monitoring Work: Each student employee position should have an accompanying job description, which articulates roles, responsibilities, and skill sets necessary to perform the work. The job description serves not only as a tool to meet Federal Work-Study Program requirements but is also a best practice to establish articulated expectations between the student and the supervisor. Read More

5. Recording & Submitting Timecards: To provide accurate and timely payment to student employees, supervisors are responsible for guaranteeing that student employees timely report all actual hours worked to the Payroll Office via BearWeb per established deadlines. Students may not “volunteer” for hours for their assigned duties. As hourly wage employees, students are classified as “non-exempt” employees as defined by the Fair Labor Standards Act, requiring all hours to be recorded and paid. Read More

6. Work Place Performance and Concerns: Concerns with a student employee in the workplace or work performance issues should be reported to the Office of Student Employment. Issues regarding claims of discrimination or equal employment opportunity should be reported to Human Resources, while issues of sexual or gender harassment/discrimination should be reported to the Title IX Office. Supervisors are mandatory reporters to HR/EEO for discrimination concerns under BU-PP 028a. Read More

For additional information on student employment, please visit the Student Employment website or contact student employment at or at 254-710-8677. To see the full memo online please click here.

Our students gain valuable experience through the jobs they perform across campus, equipping them with skills and abilities that will prepare them for future employment. We appreciate all that you do investing in the lives of our students to make these meaningful employment experiences.

This document/website does not, and other associated documents or websites, establish or extend any contractual rights to student employees. All student employees are “at-will” employees.