Form I-9 & Eligibility for Work

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR FORM I-9: All Form I-9s are being processed virtually for the time being, please DO NOT start section I without consulting a Student Employment Representative.

Before a student employee reports for the first day of work, including orientation or training, the student must complete section one the Department of Homeland Security’s Form I-9 online, then present acceptable original forms of identification (unexpired) for proof of eligibility to work. Students may present their identification to either the Office of Student Employment in the Baylor University Career Center or Human Resources to complete section two of this form. Baylor uses an online system exclusively for this purpose. The Center for Global Engagement provides resources to international student employees to manage their work eligibility status and deadlines.

This document/website does not, and other associated documents or websites, do not establish or extend any contractual rights to student employees. All student employees are “at-will” employees.


Form I-9

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